Blue/Red Networks

Inside the CDR Infrastructure, we have two main networks. They are the Red and Blue Team Networks.

  • Red Team Network:
  • Blue Team Network:

The Blue Team Network is primarily use for SysSec. It is full of scary static routes. In addition, the Blue Team Network starts high (at the top of the network range), and grows “down”.

Network Information:

  • WAN Up link Gateway IP: (gretzky)
  • Subnet Mask: (/24)

Usable IP Address Range

  • Team X WAN Gateway IP: 192.168.254.{100 + X}, Where X = {1 - 40}
    • Use core-blue_net network
  • Team X LAN Gateway IP: 10.42.X.0/24 Network
    • Use generic-net network
  • Team X DMZ Gateway IP: 10.43.X.0/24 Network
    • Use generic-net network
  • DHCP Address scope from Gretzky
    • -

* Note : Every machine attached to the generic-net VDS port/network of your router will also need to be on the generic-net network*

The Red Team Network, on the other hand, has no scary static routes. Also, in a similar fashion, the Red Team Network starts low (at the bottom of the network range), and grows “up”. This was decided when we need to increase the subnet size of the Red Team Network, and ran into conflicts between that, and the blue team network.

Please refer to the IP Ranges wiki page to determine which IP is free. In addition, before using a static IP, please verify there is nothing running on that IP first by pinging, then doing an arp check.

Network Information:

  • Gateway IP: (gretzky)
  • Subnet Mask: (/20)

Network Ranges

  • DHCP
    • -
    • - (VPN)
    • -
  • Core Infrastructure
    • -
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