Credential Access

  • Using a web browser, access Athena
  • You should see a page similar to the one below. Please enter the SHARED PASSWORD in this screen. This is to decrypt the Password Vault.
  • When you press enter, you will be asked for a username/password. Please enter your PERSONAL USERNAME/PASSWORD. This is to access WebDAV.
  • You're in! Please ensure you save after any changes. To save, click on “UBNetDef - Main” on the bottom right. Then go to the sidebar item called “UBNetDef - Main”. Press save and ensure the “Last Sync” area updates to the current time.

Most credentials are located on our credential server - Athena. Athena runs an instance of KeeWeb, with WebDAV setup to store/upload credential files.

Gaining access to Athena is a two part process.

  1. You must be told the KeePass Database Password
  2. You must be given credentials to read/upload to the WebDAV File Store

To get access to Athena, please contact Kevin or James.

  1. SSH into
  2. Run sudo htpasswd /web/ USERNAME
    1. USERNAME is the user you wish to give access to
    2. Have the user enter the password. As a note, they cannot change it (as only root has access to write this file)
  3. Give them the KeePass DB password. You do remember it, don't you?
  1. SSH into
  2. Change to the user web-builder
  3. Go to /web/
  4. Run git pull origin gh-pages
  5. You're done! Make sure the settings.json file still exists
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