Adding a Static Route

Static routes are the backbone of our network. It announces how to get to an internal private IP (any IP inside the net, excluding the IO network, by telling what gateway to go through.

  1. First, load up the webui for gretzky.
  2. On the top navigation panel, click “System”, then the submenu item “Routing”
  3. Verify the gateway you wish to route your static routes through exist on this page. If it doesn't, click on the add button at the bottom
    1. When adding, you will need to fill in the following fields. Everything else can be blank
      1. Interface
      2. Name
      3. Gateway
    2. Please ensure the name is descriptive
  4. Once the gateway you wish to use is verified to be there, click on “Static Routes”
  5. Click on the add button at the bottom, and fill it in
  6. gg no re you're done. Please ensure the firewall rules will allow your traffic.
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