Lockdown Black Team

We deploy EVERYTHING using ansible. For previous deployments refer to UBNetDef git. Example deployment repo:

To make the deployment with Ansible possible we need to ensure that requirements for deployment templates are satisfied. Please check the TEMPLATE REQUIREMENTS section for more info

Black Team Should manually log in to EVERY computer to test passwords, and ensure that the applications are cached, and VMs are fast when competitors are using them.

Post Deployment Checklist

  • Ensure you clean up the history of all applications/shells
  • Ensure you take a snapshot of the entire infrastructure after deploying your malware
  • Manually login to every VM after the red team is done pre-staging. This ensures that everything is still operational, and in addition, it loads a lot of things from disk to memory, which ensures a smoother experience at the start of the competition.
  • If the performance of VMs is very slow, try to lower the number of snapshots or use the snapshots that were created are no longer than a day before the competition.

General Templates are located under Templates/Competitions/Lockdown Templates/Base

Every template for past competitions will be located under General Templates are located under Templates/Competitions/Lockdown Templates/ in their own appropriate folders

Sometimes Red Team might request the Black Team to deploy/prebake something for them. In that case please ensure that Black Team Lead and Red Team Lead Figure out everything that has to be done prior to deployment

Things that are typically requested:

Virtual Machines:

  • Team%02d-AD
  • Team%02d-Client{X}
  • Team%02d-DB
  • Team%02d-WEB
  • Team%02d-FTP
  • Team%02d-Router
  • Team%02d-GitLab

Examples: Team06-Client1, Team10-AD


  • Team%02d

Examples: Team01, Team12


  • Lockdownv{X}_MachineName

Examples: Lockdownv6_Router, Lockdownv6_AD


  • lockdown-teamX

Examples: lockdown-team13

Note: %02d just represents a padded 0.


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